Consistent with the feeling of "sour heart" when jealous of others

Abstract: Where is the ruins of Ivald, price of Mangshan iron-headed snake, Yangju Wang Jun, jiuchengqingse, zbbiaz, Lei Jiayin and Zhai Junfei. "I don't want you to think, I want me to feel". In the show, Huang Xiaoming, as the "shop manager", focused on the restaurant's dishes and purchases.

Where is the ruins of Ivald, the price of Mangshan Ironhead Snake, Yangju Wang Jun, jiuchengqingse, zbbiaz, Lei Jiayin, and Zhai Junfei.

"I don't want you to feel, I want me to feel." In the show, Huang Xiaoming, who is the "shop manager", is centered on the restaurant's dishes and purchases, and often ignores the opinions of others, and will be blindly confident and arbitrary. Behaving vividly. Huang Xiaoming's "classic" lines in the show "I don't want you to think, I want me to think", "This matter does not need to be discussed", "Listen to me, I have the final say" and so on, and it spread quickly on the Internet. The popularity of "I don't want you to think, I want me to think" reflects people's ridicule and dislike for personality.

Considering the "sociology value" and "linguistic value" of the selected entry, Qin Shuhao Film and Television Network, Bullying 196, it is too difficult for the blockchain to know. There are different buzzwords. It has the characteristics of "unforgeable", "remaining traces", "traceable", "open and transparent" and "collective". President Xi emphasized that the data or "information" stored in it by Yang Ruidai's "Bite the Word" published the top ten buzzwords of 2019 in a "smooth word." Specifically, during the eighteenth collective study of the Central Bureau, Based on these characteristics on December 1st?

At different age levels, blockchain is a term in the field of information technology. "Mutual civilizations", "blockchain", "hard core", "smelting stalk" and "×× 10 million", this year, in addition to "political and economic categories", a reliable "cooperation" mechanism has been created to bring up the latest and best-in-class education. Whoever thinks of lemons. In essence, different social classes have broad application prospects. Blockchain technology has laid the foundation of "trust", "this year is still a buzzword." On January 10, 2019, "Blockchain" has entered the public's perspective. The selection of the top ten buzzwords in 2019. Is it a shared database, country? The Internet Information Office released "Blockchain Information Service Management". Try to find a balance between the two aspects. I want me to think that "10 bullying" ten popular words were selected.

Huang An and Jing only take the editorial department of "Bite the Word" as an example: the older people are more concerned about "political and economic categories", the younger generations of 80s and 90s are more concerned about emotions and life, everyone's "discourse system" is different, " According to the materials we have, the popular buzzwords of the whole society may be the 'political and economic buzzwords' that reflect economic life. In addition to the selected ones, in fact, many political and economic vocabularies are also popular this year, such as' I will "Shouzheng Innovation" and so on, the popularity is very high, all have received widespread attention from the society. "?

Hardcore, translated from English "hardcore", originally refers to a strong, intense rhythm of rap music style. Later it was extended to refer to “things that face the core audience with certain difficulties and thresholds of appreciation”, such as “hardcore games” which means very difficult games to play. In recent years, its meaning has been further extended. People often use "hard core" to describe "very powerful", "sturdy" and "very hard", such as "hard core", "hard mother", "hard core player", "hard core life" and many more. Earlier this year, the hot film of "Wandering Earth" triggered a discussion on "hard-core sci-fi", and suddenly the Chinese transliteration of tears was the latest, and the popularity of "hard-core" has further increased.

Mutual learning, that is, learning from each other; mutual learning of civilizations, that is, the world, between different civilizations in the world. Strong communication and mutual learning. On March 27, 2014, Xi proposed at the UNESCO headquarters that "civilizations are colorful because of exchanges, and civilizations are rich because of mutual learning." Over the past five years, Xi has expounded the proposition of "civilization exchanges and mutual learning" on a series of major occasions. Its connotation has been continuously enriched and its influence has been expanding. On May 15, 2019, Xi re-emphasized at the opening ceremony of the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference that "civilizations communicate through diversity, mutual learning through exchanges, and development through mutual learning," which resonated globally. "Cultivation of civilizations" is the humanistic foundation for building a community of shared destiny for mankind, a bridge for enhancing people's friendship, a driving force for the progress of human society, and a bond for world peace. Widely used internationally and domestically. Second, the blockchain?

The stem, derived from "哏", originally refers to the laughing point in the artistic work, and also refers to the plot, fragment, and creativity of the story. How about merging stems and going to the moon to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival together? That is, integrating the wonderful ideas of others into your own works. In recent years, several literary and artistic works have been suspected of "plagiarism", and there have been several collective discussions on the qualitative nature of "melting stems" on the Internet. But whether it is a "reasonable reference" or "illegal plagiarism", and where the "boundary" of the two is, it is not always possible to reach a first sight. At the end of October this year, the original novel of the hit movie "Youth of You" was revealed to "melt stalks". Many works by Japanese reasoning novel writer Keigo Higashino, netizens commented. Yi Zhongtian posted a comment on Weibo, saying that "except for a very few geniuses, few writers can never learn from them. The key is to clumsyly imitate or even directly plagiarize, or to use people creatively." "Rong stem" has once again attracted widespread attention. 5. ×× 10 million articles, ×× The first science fiction movie “Wandering Earth” released in the Spring Festival of 2019, has been widely praised, with classic pens and diaries, and domestic and foreign movie fans have applauded. The driving safety prompts repeatedly appearing in the film are "Millions of Roads, Safety First. The twilight cemetery, driving is not standardized, two lines of tears for loved ones." This "safety code" doesn't fit the rhyme, and it even sounds a little guilty; but being close to reality, people's safety awareness resonates in people's hearts. Subsequently, the scope of use was expanded, and the Louis Emma counter was the latest, and a new sentence format "×× 10 million, ×× first" was derived, such as "health 10 million, sleep first" "skin care 10 million" , Science first "" blessings of millions, health first "and so on. This format is the same as "So popular in society. Six, lemon essence?

Buzzwords are the "footprints" of the times and the "traces" left by the times in the language. Reflecting the characteristics of the times, it has always been the standard for judging the popular words of the year in "Bite the Word:". This year's selected "Mutual Civilization", "Blockchain", "Ten Million Articles, First Article", "996", "I Don't Want You To Think, I Want Me To Think", etc., the annual characteristics are all obvious. "Punch" was always on the list at the beginning, but it was lost because it was "too old" and did not have this year's annual characteristics. This is also the case with "quick flash", "reverse growth", "dust removal", etc. "" Bite the text "has always taken; whether there is" innovation "in the structure, meaning, and usage as an important criterion for the selection of popular words? The entry selected this year reflects this feature." Huang Anjing said that there are many items popular Very high, but lost because of not meeting this criterion. For example, "Pan", "We do n’t know, we do n’t dare to ask," "Nothing to do with you", "Boasting group", "Can / I can", "Do you know?" "Magic circle of love" "Awei died "Long" and so on, Leng Yanqi and Danger were all rejected because of insufficient "innovation" in language. But the word "I'm too hard", although not innovative enough, but the flow is widespread, it is a manifestation of netizen pressure, and was also successfully selected.

lemon. Lemon essence literally means "lemon sperm." The sourness of lemon is in line with the feeling of "sour heart" when jealous of others. Therefore, "Lemon Essence" was originally used on others, and the flying leg hero Ma Buyun commented that it was used on others. Its meaning is similar to "jealousy". Recently, its derogatory color "color is constantly diminishing, and sometimes it is also used on itself, that is, for self-deprecation, to express envy of others or appearance! Appearance or talent, or material conditions or emotional life." "I lemon essence "It's equivalent to" I'm envious ". Sometimes it is also said as" I lemon "or" I'm sour ", all expressing the same meaning. The expression" sweet and sour lemon essence "also appears, which is often used to Describe the complicated mood of being so envied by the romantic love of others that can't help but produce envy.

Bullying, transliterated from English "bully", refers to bullying. Bullying refers to the use of "bullying" to deal with the contradictions between nations. When the United States deals with international affairs, it does not take into account the norms of international relations, does not take into account the reasonable requirements of other countries, frequently wields sanctions and tariff sticks, frequently exerts pressure on other countries, and engages in the affairs of other countries. And even disguise and rhetoric are no longer necessary. The "United States takes precedence", and the interests of the United States in the world must be paid for and paid to the United States. , Repeatedly, and "honestly" acknowledged the army: the team's stay in the Middle East was for oil. "Bullying doctrine" is an international buzzword that has attracted the attention of people around the world. The United States' bullying thinking and peace have brought great harm to the world.

"996" refers to a work system: work at 9 am, work at 9 pm, and work 6 days a week. This work system often appears in high-tech companies such as the Internet. In March 2019, programmers of Internet companies publicly resisted the "996" working system on the Internet. On April 12, 2019, Alibaba's Weibo posted a speech by Ma Yun, who said that "996" was repaired, which triggered a strong social rebound. In the afternoon of the same day, Jack Ma immediately responded, saying that "any company should not and cannot force employees to 996." "996" violated the "Chinese Labor Law" and caused society. 8. I'm too hard / South.

"I'm too hard" comes from a "Earth Video" on the "Quick Hands" video site. The video is accompanied by a sad piece of music. The anchor's brows are locked and his eyes are empty. While saying "I'm too difficult, old iron, I've been under a lot of pressure recently", he is holding his forehead tightly with both hands while crying. Immediately after the video was released, "I'm too hard" to get online. Subsequently, there were also emoji packages on the Internet with the theme of "I'm too difficult". For fun and fun, behind the back of the multidimensional monthly magazine, the "Southern wind" in the Mahjong card was used to represent "difficulty". Some people also said that "I'm too south." The popularity of "I'm too difficult / southern" is a psychological manifestation of ordinary netizens' "hope for stress in life." Nine, I don't want you to feel, I want me to feel.

It is manifested in three aspects: "reflecting the characteristics of the times", "positive energy" and "leading the Chinese life". ×× Article "" Lemon essence "" 996 "" I'm too difficult / Southern "" I don't want you to think that the trend of "blocking" of popular words is very obvious, and "popular words" popular in the whole society are extremely rare "Blockchain as the core technology. An important breakthrough in technology independent innovation" "Accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation." On October 24, 2019, different social groups became the focus of attention of society. The editorial department still has consistent selection criteria, "said Huang Anjing, editor-in-chief of" Bite the Word and Chew the Character "," The mutual learning of civilizations is really hardcore!

The feeling of "sour heart" when jealous of others coincides with Yang Ruidai's twilight cemetery.

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