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Jin Yong Makes Products and Gets Fan Economy: Demystifying Emotional Consumer Acquisitions

Article source: Men's Nutrition Jiandetang Release time: 2014-04-13

"Guo Jingwu Gonggao is still Yang Guowu Gonggao? The divine questions that have disturbed the post-70s generation are beginning to show various mysteries.

When you first discussed this issue, you were fascinated by Jin Yong and the rivers and lakes he created. In popular collection terms, you said that you are one of his fans. According to the results of several generations, you have become the smallest spring and autumn of Jin Yong fans. Duan should be over 10 years old.

Pushing forward in the Spring and Autumn Period is a fan of cartoons. Transformers, various "soldiers" and cartoon abstraction robbed and divided the main kindergarten to elementary school. This is the beginning of the primary life. From junior high school, the opportunity to become a fan still comes from TV, animated images give way to supporting roles for idols in TV series.

In a lifetime, as a fan, the pride of fans has begun after 30 years of age. At the age of 40, the foundation has obtained the pride required to lead and become a fan. A few people will pay for the singer ’s concert 20 years ago, but the probability is Low, Wanwan can miss.

Fans, both consumers and higher than popular consumers, have a passionate pursuit of idols with extremely high loyalty and war dependence, and have to let businesses provide a special economic service, fan economy.

The young Jin Yong is an exception to the fan economy. In 1957, "Biography of the Heroes of Shooting and Carving" was popular at the beginning of Fanbigang and has been a fan of Jin Yong for generations. Celebrating my 90th birthday, Jin Yong has been an idol for nearly 60 years. Based on his sales, he has up to tens of thousands of fans around the world. In addition to the TV dramas that have been hit for decades, it should be the largest number of fans at present. One of the idols.

Are you a fan?

As a happy lover of Jin Yong's works, the classification of the fans is determined by the familiarity of Jin Yong's works, but it must be at most familiar with his works, and melt into his rivers and lakes. He can master dozens of works. In the hands of several martial arts masters, the roots of the highest level of martial arts of the sweeping monk fighting alone were discerned. It is necessary to distinguish the ages of the Qing, Ming and Song dynasties in which the rivers and lakes are located in each work.

Knowing the idol's measurements, blood type, happy love, spring and autumn, and all the scandals, it used to be an unbroken big brother fan, whose title should be added with the word hardcore. (Of course, there are occasional exceptions. If you don't know that Chung's bust battle and small four height will never affect the hardcore level of fans)

Fanaticism is a very high standard.

Really avid fans often have a step beyond mortals. For example, fans of Baidu Post Bar who have been preparing birthday gifts for Jin Yong since the age of last year, fans of Jin Yong, who have prepared birthday gifts for Jin Yong's 90th birthday are all handwriting of Jin Yong's works. The 21-year-old advocate, Xiang Nu, said that "19 friends posted 375 bar friends, and recorded 8411384 words of 15 novels and 36 novels by Grandpa Gold".

In a computer age, the average handwriting of more than 22,000 words per person can be described as shocking.

But I was not the most fanatical fan of writing for one year. The fanatical fan was the father of a copyist. He knew that his son was copying works for the 90th birthday of Jin Yong, and he immediately asked me to copy the remaining departments. Ask for your real name to make sure Jin Yong knows he's a fan.

In theory, the war is true and the truth is true. Fanatics can do any work for idols, like chasing many fans who ask to marry Andy Lau. Or ask her boyfriend to plastic surgery for Han Geng, of course, there are other people who wear underwear online, those who do not need to wash their hands after signing, and so on.

Fan economy

Out of human touch and the appeal of idols under specific circumstances, a fan of a happy fan may enter a fanatic state in minutes, turn into fanaticism, and sell tens of thousands of works of Jin Yong, if slightly To operate or operate, it is not only 375 people who copy the works, but an astronomical number.

Of course, not everyone is like Jin Yong, and the consumption power of complex fan representatives is not to be taken lightly. Fans who are immersed in the idol world are in the eyes of businessmen. This is a consumer group that is arranged emotionally. The fan economy that adds value to the emotional consumption of idols has gradually matured in recent years.

The purchasing power of emotional consumption can be known from Guo Jingming's "Little Times". Although the movie is currently under constant attack, the 600 million box office has to make the critics exclaim, not afraid of the fans' brain damage, they are afraid that the fans have money. Also in "October Besieged", according to the traditional estimates of the manufacturer, he only ran a set of Li Yuchun, adding at most 50 million to the box office.

Some professional institutions are introducing the ARPU (AverageRevenuePerUser) perspective into the fan economy in 2011, that is, the monthly consumption respect value of unit-paying fans. Some experts predict that with the growth of the Internet, the ranking of artist influence is likely to be changed in the future. The number of records released by ARPU and generation.

As a fan, paying for idols' CDs, video tapes, and TV series VCDs is just the final consumption. As a fan who must be a loyal supporter of the products endorsed by the celebrities, the products of mobile phone, computer, beverage, and cosmetic idol endorsements are the products that I like. Bao Luo idol did not endorse and like.

In the era of collection, professional fans have become more and more important. Before the release of "The Great Takefu", Han Geng's fans not only bought tickets to compliment, but also assisted in marketing and monitoring the box office. They were more motivated than professional staff. "Earth had no choice but to stop Han Geng's fans!"

There have been professional fans who can provide professional fan services, and the open and clear quotation scale is currently: "Mute throat 50 yuan, tears like springs 100 yuan, if the player advances, plus bonus."

The growing "professional fans" and even grab business with the brokerage company are blatantly retaliating against the brokerage company online, and even set up a set of packaging and publicity plans for the arts and craftsmanship, and the growing fan base is indirect in the agency company's indirect battle.

Fan Culture Origin

50 yuan is still 100 yuan, and depends on your fan value.

It ’s like the “Blue Bone” mobile phone made by the rock godfather Cui Jianding, which packs and sells all of its song and video materials for as much as 3121 yuan, which is worthless to the business man Chu Shijian. ─The popular fashion includes his legendary story “Inspirational Chu Orange” The price of 5 kg is 128 yuan, which is the highest price among all celebrities selling fruit.

Chu Shijian

When fans become an economy, all cities look for their own value. Including AV actress.

Sora Aoi, who opened Sina Weibo in 2010, has 14.7 million followers. Because of the collection of Yushu Earthmoving Funds, she got the title of "Famous Performing Artist of Deyi Shuangxin". With the Internet, enough fans have been accumulated to transform smoothly.

The earliest fan culture in China started with Baidu Post Bar, launched in 2003. Baidu Post Bar, a group-based social gathering platform and mobile social platform, is the origin of fan culture.

Relying on the growing Baidu search, the topic of specific link words is formed. Post bars make it easy for the Internet to accumulate specific groups belonging to me. Various groups based on fun, based on geographical, spring and autumn, topic, and even occupational attributes are quickly divided. With my exclusive collar city. All kinds of "Jin Yong Bar" have gathered more than 200,000 friends. They are equal to "Drunken Gold Fans". Countless tens of thousands of gold fans are actively playing "Jin Yong Bar" every day. The number of related topics exceeds 20 million. It is a magazine of "Golden Moon Times".

The data shows that, as of now, Baidu Post Bar has 8.18 million fun, the average daily topic volume is nearly 100 million, the average daily page views is nearly 2 billion times, the registered users are nearly 1 billion, the top users of similar products are the most, and the number of monthly active users has reached Up to 200 million.

The accessible base of the complex network often stimulates the source of popular topics in society and constitutes a new social and cultural custom.

In 2009, World of Warcraft stopped serving, and netizens were posting "Jia Junpeng, your mother calls you to go home for dinner" in the "World of Warcraft" post bar. It only received 390,000 views in 6 hours, and over 17,000 netizens participated in the post, until the second In 2009, "your mother called you home for dinner" is still the most commonly used collection term for netizens.

Collected hot words such as "Yuanfang What do you think", "屌 丝", "Gao Fushuai", "Bai Fumei", and "Kneeling" all come from Baidu Post Bar.

Relying on Baidu Search, the largest Chinese search engine in the world, Baidu Post Bar is constantly the world ’s largest group interactive Chinese community on the hidden truth. In the past ten years, Baidu Tieba has been the largest base of the fan economy. In the 2005 “Super Girl” audition program organized by Hunan TV Station, contestants were canvassed and online and offline activities were organized. After completion.

However, the free Baidu "fan culture" is now having peach pickers. It is known as the "fan network" that meets all the needs of fans. It has once become a professional fan website and has established the largest user base of Jay Chou's fans to date, with more than 700,000. registered user. Of course, compared to the free Baidu Jay Chou posted 12.68 million monthly lively fans, the gap is still very large.

Origin: Phoenix Weekly

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